Laboratory Billing System

Softactics Laboratory Billing System represents a high performance billing system that is designed to perform all billing functions, integrate data between individual departments, create workflow efficiency, reduce errors, and provide management with necessary production, workload, and financial reporting, while maintaining flexibility and ease of use. This is the culmination of an effort to provide billing systems that incorporate all standard billing and financial functions which are flexible enough to work in a majority of billing environments, share data with other information systems, and operate in a consistent straightforward manner that enhances operator acceptance and efficiency.

Softactics, Inc. is a complete billing and accounts receivable system that enables your office to control database files with set-up and ongoing maintenance, perform all aspects of patient billing including generating standard HCFA 1500 and/or UB-92 insurance forms, statements, delinquent account maintenance, and extensive A/R and statistical reporting.

Additional modules enable your office to maintain client billing, submit claims electronically, receive electronic payment remittance, interface with other outside systems, and maintain standing orders.  Softactics has many additional features which are listed on our Systems Features page. Customization is available.

Softactics developed  with Dataflex, a development system from Data Access Corporation. The Medical Management Software can be installed in a Novell or NT network environment using Windows XP, 2000, NT, 95, or 98 workstations. It brings together a relational database and client-server technology, producing true multi-user capabilities and transaction processing that allows billing to be accomplished quickly. 

Softactics provides extensive and flexible reporting capabilities. We also feel that any data in the system should be able to be retrieved and exported in common formats, readable by popular applications, such as spreadsheets and word processors. A query facility is included, which allows any and all data elements to become reported in common PC-compatible formats. In addition, data can be exported into Crystal for more extensive reporting purposes.

Since 1983 Softactics has designed and supported medical billing software with continuing development through direct input from our clients in the medical community. Visit our Product Information page to learn more about how Softactics can become a part of your health care billing solution.

Softactics, Inc. believes great support is the key to success and in this area we excel. When reviewing billing products, support should be a primary concern for all providers. We feel confident that when you contact our clients you will discover we are devoted to solving their problems and getting them back to work quickly with very little interruption.

When you call Softactics, you will speak directly with one of our support representatives, no voice mail or answering systems. We feel this provides the best opportunity for us to clarify information needed to understand the problem as well as enable us to respond quickly with a timely resolution.

Softactics knows client knowledge is key to our continued success and we encourage our clients to share their ideas with us. Our ability to listen to and implement suggestions from our clients allows us to provide them the ability to perform all required billing functions and, at the same time, improve our product.

Contact Softactics through our Contact Information page to obtain more information regarding our service.


Softactics is AMAZING!!!

Josh Stevens
Mar 08, 2012

Why Softactics?

  • Provide highest level of professional medical billing service.
  • Competitive flat rate fees with no add-on costs.
  • Company developed and owned software.
  • Specializing in medical billing systems for more than 25 years.