Client Billing

 Softactics, Inc. incorporates special functions to facilitate concentrated client billing operation, and provide your office with valuable statistical information.

The billing system provides flexible client pricing.  Each client account is set up to use a specific fee schedule defined by your office.  Custom pricing can be accomplished based on fee schedule or through special pricing or a specific service.  Multiple levels of volume and percentage discounts are available as well as flat-rate discounts.

The billing system provides detail statements consolidating the charges and creating a single open-item summary charge simplifying payment entry.  Both the detail charges and summary charges are available for review of account status at all times.  Corrections can be posted to specific detail charges or to the summary charge as needed.

Reports are available within the billing system providing complete tracking of volume of business from a client linking all charges using point of service (source of business) or referring doctor.  This allows you to track the amount of individual billing business sent by the Client so you are able to track total business from a client even if the client never receives a bill.  Period reporting of volume by salesmen is also available.
















Softactics is AMAZING!!!

Josh Stevens
Mar 08, 2012

Why Softactics?

  • Provide highest level of professional medical billing service.
  • Competitive flat rate fees with no add-on costs.
  • Company developed and owned software.
  • Specializing in medical billing systems for more than 25 years.