System Security & HIPPA Compliance

 In today's world, patient confidentiality is critical. Softactics protects your business from unwanted, risky exposure by allowing you to configure operator access to only the parts of the system they need in order to perform their work. 

The system automatically logs every user's access to any and all Protected Health Information (PHI). Every change to you data is also logged automatically so if there is a suspected breach, you are immediately able to review all operations and modifications that have occurred. This type of security is important whether you have one or two users or hundreds of users. It allows you to be honest and confident when you assure your clients you are doing everything possible to protect their patients' identity and PHI. 

Softactics has closely followed the regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996(HIPAA). Many compliance aspects of the act are already mandated, while others will continue to be implemented.


Softactics is AMAZING!!!

Josh Stevens
Mar 08, 2012

Why Softactics?

  • Provide highest level of professional medical billing service.
  • Competitive flat rate fees with no add-on costs.
  • Company developed and owned software.
  • Specializing in medical billing systems for more than 25 years.